Santing Beer and Spirit Barrels

Specialist in european pre-used barrels suppliers from all regions worldwide.

Santing Beer and Spirit Barrels

Santing Beer and Spirit Barrels is an experienced and renowned supplier of wooden barrels for maturing beers and distillates. We are the official representative of leading international cooperages and work closely with the world’s most exclusive producers, distilleries, breweries and wineries.

Pre-Used Barrels

Let us find the perfect pre-used barrels for your project. Our extensive stock and network of partners means we can find exactly what you need. We also offer refurbished barrels, to add a new dimension to your spirits range or help create something new with the skill of our expert coopers.

Pre-Used Barrels



Muscat de Rivesatles
Pineau des Charentes

Apricot Brandy

Network effects

Our extensive network of partners and suppliers and years of experience sourcing just the right barrels for clients means we can find you any barrel you need for your current project. Let us make your search faster, with a better chance of success and saving you time and money.

Date of emptying

Freshness is paramount and we can arrange to have just emptied barrels repaired and shipped to you quickly to ensure freshness. Our cooperage and warehouse team are experienced in maintaining barrel freshness direct to your cellars.

New life in old barrels

Our barrel refurbishment programme breaths new life into old barrels. Barrels can be refurbished and repaired to ensure they are fit for many years service in your cellars. If you want we can regenerate your barrels, removing old residues and adding a custom toast or char to your specifications.

Lastly we will ship them to you safely and protectively wrapped, ready for your latest project.

New Barrels

We take pride in the quality of every single barrel we create and so do the team that build them. That’s why every barrel we produce is branded with our logo and signed by the cooper that created it. We call this our ‘Signature Line’. It’s our assurance to you that our barrels are perfect.


Our barrels are mostly made from French oak sourced from the Limousine and several other regions in France. We also have a range of speciality wood such as Chestnut, Cherry, Acacia, Ash or a hybrid of any mix of wood. At the moment we have a limited supply of Mizunara oak.


We make barrels from 50 – 600 litres. We also make casks and vats to order.


Every barrel is inspected by our master cooper and signed by the cooper who made it. All are individually serial numbered and guaranteed for years.

Our range of new barrels

Every barrel we make could be signed by the cooper who created it!


Super, high quality traditional barrels, historically made for the Cognac industry.


Special barrels made from extra aged staves using our ‘chimney stacking’ air dry process.


Barrels specifically made for winemaking


French oak barrels with acacia head sets and a light toast specifically made for white wine making.